Please Help us thank our sponsors by using their services.

Let them know the importance of keeping communities together like they were in Dayz gone by.

The concept they support again in 2012.



L.P. Adams Co. Inc.

Dalton, MA


Shed Man   

New Lebanon, NY                                              


Ashmere Reality Inc. 

Hinsdale, MA                              


Bas Ridge Golf Course

Hinsdale, MA                             


Hinsdale Trading Company

Hinsdale, MA 


The Pittsfield Cooperative Bank

Dalton, Pittsfield, Great Barrington and

ATM Only on Maple Street Hinsdale, MA


Paris Home Remodeling

Hinsdale, MA                             


DuFour Inc.

Hinsdale, MA 


O'Connell Oil Assoc. Inc.

Locations serving Western MA


Dery Funeral Home

Serving Dalton, Cheshire and Pittsfield, MA


Hinsdale Servicenter

Hinsdale, MA 


Thank You

We would like to thank The Hinsdale Post Office, the Hinsdale Library, the town store's and business' for helping us display and sell our fundraisers and gift's.



Sponsor Thank You

Dave Swail

Gaston and Susan Roberts for the gift of the town gazebo.

L. P. Adams and Hinsdale Hardware

Bas Ridge Golf

Burgner's for the shrubs.

County Concrete for the walkway.

O'Laughlin's Pharmacy 


A Special Thank You

We also wish to thank the following for their hard work in preparing and adding the finishing touches to the renovated depot park in the center of town.


Wayne Walton Pete Frissell Dave Olds Jim Fox
Kenny Adams Al Lussier Russ Parks Dave Swail
Ron Smith Dennis Petell Brian Hoag Pete Gallant


Jack Adams for his expert supervisory skills.

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